Paper & Blush is a York Region based calligraphy studio specializing in wedding and event calligraphy

live Callilgraphy on site

Add a personal touch to your corporate events with live on-site calligraphy for your guests


Custom Calligraphy

Contact me with your custom calligraphy needs

Wedding Calligraphy

Paper and Blush specializes in seating cards, seating charts, welcome signs, bridal hangers and jackets

Window Design

I offer custom window lettering and design for to add a special touch to your shop front throughout the year

“Paper and Blush is the perfect company for weddings and parties. They specialize in custom calligraphy creations and my husband and I are so happy Paper and Blush Calligraphy was a part of our wedding day! 

Sharon C.

“Amazing beyond words. Thank you!!”

Jaqueline M.

Brand Expert | Mantell Design

“The sign is gorgeous. So much more than I expected. Thank you, your work is beautiful!”
Daniella R.


All The Pretty Little Details

I have always had an attention to detail- what I like to call “the pretty little details” .This is where wedding calligraphy comes in. With years of lettering experience, I am able to offer my style of modern calligraphy to your beautiful day. The beautiful things about calligraphy is that is has the ability to make the most simple items look elegant and personal. 

With wedding calligraphy, we can add all the pretty little details of seating cards, signage, seating charts, and even bridal jackets that make your special day unique.